Leadburst Digital is a specialist marketing company specialising in two core services:

Lead Generation Campaigns

The world is filled with digital marketing companies that will happily place you on a retainer. Retainers are expensive, and most of the time you get tied to lengthy contracts and all of the risk is essentially in your court.

Most of these agencies will easily generate leads – however, most of the time, these leads will be extremely poor quality making your sales team run like crazy without closing any sales.

These lengthy contracts cause you extra unnecessary overheads and can start dragging your profit margin through the mud when the leads don’t generate many sales.

There is a different approach to marketing that mitigates risk for you. The approach whereby you can purchase ‘high quality leads’ and you only pay for the leads you receive – without contracts. We can generate 50, 100 or more leads per week and can help you scale your sales operation accordingly.

You upfront the ad spend, and if we cannot get you leads, then you don’t pay. We place the risk on ourselves to ensure that we work hard to get you results. We operate on performance and our agency is built on a foundation of performance.

Working with Leadburst Digital is a surefire way of effectively scaling up your sales without having to risk hundreds of thousands on a strategy that “might work”.

AI Driven Text-Based Sales Systems

We have encountered hundreds of companies that have ineffective sales teams. The problem with marketing is the flip side of the coin – if your sales team is not effective and proactive, a lot of your marketing efforts go out of the window. When your sales team take too long to contact leads, they go cold and lose interest quickly.

We build AI based sales systems that help nurture leads much faster than a human could do, & even while they’re sleeping. Our AI Based sales systems send leads text messages automatically on behalf of your sales team, even in the most inconvenient times.

We program this AI based sales system so that it perfectly works with your business and offer. Our AI based sales system will nurture a prospect on your behalf and get them to answer necessary questions during prequalification.

Take your sales team to the next level and give them the superpower that your competitors wish they had.


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