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The perfect solutions for local businesses to bolster their product sales and grow their business.

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Who is Leadburst Drop Shipping for?

Business across South Africa looking to ramp up their sales and gain access to the online ecommerce retail world.

What pains do businesses experience?

Many Business across south africa battle to penetrate a retail market properly. A Lot of businesses also do not understand the e-commerce landscape and have not setup an online presence built for sales:

  • Most businesses rely on word of mouth marketing.

  • Most businesses have an outdated online presence.

  • Most businesses struggle in getting sales through online channels.

Lead Generation Expert

Our Pay Per Lead Solution will help you grow your business exponentially.

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(555) 802-1234
(555) 802-1234

What Is The Solution Leadburst Dropshipping Provides.

Leadburst Drop Shipping is an innovative solution that does not cost the business we deal with anything.


We partner with businesses that we believe in.

Online Presence

We take your products and place them onto Online Marketplaces.

Transactions & Shipping

We will then manage the transactions & shipping.

Our Process Step by Step

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We upload your products onto the Leadburst online platforms.

We process transactions & purchases online.

We buy the products directly from you.

We deliver the items to the distribution centres.

Our Offer

We negotiate wholesale/dealer prices with you. Once we are satisfied with our pricing agreement, we start uploading all your products onto our systems and start generating sales for you. Our offer is a whole turnkey sales & marketing solution @ no cost to you...

Let’s Make Things Happen

We are action takers, we are swift and don’t beat around the bush. We hope you are too…

“Leadburst Digital helped us sell over R60 Million worth of apartments within 2 weeks when we launched our development.”


Blok – Sales Manager

Garry Meston

Lead Generation Expert
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