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Unqualified Leads are easy to deliver. They will keep your sales team busy all day, with no sales to show for them.

PPL (Pay Per Lead) is a hot commodity right now. Sometimes lead cost and conversion rate does not make sense.

A lot of agencies have grown too fast, which means that they may not have scaled properly. This means that you are just a number to them.

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Our Pay Per Lead Solution will help you grow your business exponentially.

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(555) 802-1234

We Scale When You Scale

Our solution scales with your team. We deliver more leads when you need them.


We use a variety of Facebook, Instagram, Google & Youtube advertising methods. We use methods that work.


We use special software which helps qualify a lead through a quiz form picking out the perfect candidates for you.

Data Sync

We deliver the leads exactly the way you want them. Via CRM API, Spreadsheets, and more. We work directly with your team.

Lead Qualification

We use a method of broad targeting combined with quiz campaigns to be able to run each candidate through a vetting process. We then qualify the person based on their answers.


Leads Delivered Instantly

When a lead is generated, they are delivered to your sales team instantly so that they can attend to the leads swiftly. We perform a direct API link into your CRM system for efficiency.

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Kate Schadler Client

“The leads that we receive from Leadburst Digital are highly valuable and the service received has been second to none.”

Billy Battershill

Marketing Director – BSi Steel

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We are action takers, we are swift and don’t beat around the bush. We hope you are too…

“Leadburst Digital helped us sell over R60 Million worth of apartments within 2 weeks when we launched our development.”


Garry Meston

Lead Generation Expert
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