Sales Turnkey & Call Centre

The perfect solutions for local businesses to bolster their sales leads and grow their business.


Who Sales Turnkey & Call Centre For

Business across South Africa who are looking to outsource thier entire Marketing & Sales functions.

What Pains Do Businesses Experience?

Many Businesses across South Africa Experience issues with hiring, & Worker Productivity. They spend a fortune on marketing, but send these leads to a sales team that does not work the leads correctly. These issues include:

  • Not addressing the leads fast enough

  • Not working the leads hard enough so they go cold

  • Management of where the leads are in the pipeline.

  • Managing the sales persons productivity.

  • Not knowing how to effectively generate sales leads.

  • Some sales people do not have the correct approach when they jump on the phone.

Lead Generation Expert

Our Pay Per Lead Solution will help you grow your business exponentially.

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(555) 802-1234
(555) 802-1234

What is the solution leadburst Sales Turnkey & Call Centre.

Outsource Your Entire Marketing & Sales Functions to A Company That Specialises In This.


We partner with companies that take marketing seriously.

Fully Turnkey

We deliver hot sales directly to you so that you can focus on growing your business & doing what you love.

Never Phone A Potential Client Again.

We know that sales is a daunting task. you never have to make a sales call again.

Our Process Step by Step

Get Consultation

We consult with you to ensure that we are up to speed with your business.

We build out a lead generation campaign & start generating leads for you.

Our call centre phones the leads on your behalf & consults the potential client over the phone.

When a consultation or on call is made – we the pass the client onto you.

Our Offer

We will run effective marketing campagins on your behalf which generate sales leads. we then immeddiately get our sales call centre to contact the lead. we then setup the booking ( Consultation on your behalf & send the details onto you.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We are action takers, we are swift and don’t beat around the bush. We hope you are too…

“Leadburst Digital helped us sell over R60 Million worth of apartments within 2 weeks when we launched our development.”


Blok – Sales Manager

Garry Meston

Lead Generation Expert
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