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Here are some resources that you might find useful before our session

Here are some resources that you might find useful before our session.


How many leads can I expect to get when I work with you guys?

This is the most frequent question that we receive. Marketing is such a variable operation that we cannot ever give you an accurate figure. Geographic considerations as well as demographic (your customer) considerations have a large impact on the price we pay for a lead. Usually - the broader the audience, the cheaper the leads. The more refined the audience, the more expensive the leads become. 

What is ad spend?

Ad spend is the amount of money that we allocate towards a campaign in order to get it running. Ad spend is money that is paid directly to the ad networks (Facebook, Google, etc.) Think of ad spend as being like the fuel that you put into your car. You need fuel in order to get the vehicle moving. The same is with advertising. 

What are leads?

Leads are enquiries. These are people that have answered your advertising by filling out a form on an advertising channel or a web page. Leads are the lifeblood of your business and these are the starting point to someone becoming a customer. 

How soon can you get a campaign running for my company?

 If all of the necessary tech has already been setup - we can get an on-platform campaign running within a day. For conversion strategies where we need to build out landing pages and decision trees, we strive to get a campaign running within 4 working days (depending on our workload at the time).

My company operates in the B2B sector - can you assist?

Our company is built on B2C marketing principles, so we specialise in the B2C market. We can assist certain B2B businesses depending on the service or product being sold. (For example, Steel Supply, Paving, Roof Sheeting, Shelving, etc.)

What is appointment setting?

Appointment setting is a service, very similar to lead generation, however, instead of generating the lead, we get people to book directly into your diary so that you can remove the entire string of back and forth for appointment setting yourself and potentially losing people along the way.

What makes you guys different from the other lead generation companies?

Every lead generation company has very similar tools, the difference may be experience, knowledge and passion. We operate our business with the philosophy that we are in the business of helping business owners make a profit by getting more clients. We go above and beyond and our value add far exceeds what you pay. 

Objection: I already have an internal marketing team / I already use another digital agency. How can you help?

This is great - however, we come in peace. We aren't here to step on any toes or replace anyone. We act as an "add-on" to your current systems and simply feed your sales team with leads. Your marketing team or digital marketing company can continue running as they are, and we will add as much value to what they are doing in the process.


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